Mid-century modern interior design paired with Capel rugs. 

Mid Century Modern design embraces clean lines, organic shapes and forms. Using minimal ornamentation and wood tones. Some key elements are: 

  • Modern Furnishings emphasize function over ornament
  • Lack of ornate frills in favor of simple geometric lines
  • Frequent use of teak, rosewood, and oak
  • Use of metal, glass, and vinyl
  • Smooth finishes
  • Organic shapes and colors
  • Bold accent colors

Many of Capel’s area rugs will blend in and enhance the MCM style seamlessly. Create a contemporary vibe with the modern styling of our machine-made area rugs. Or select from the rich texture of Capel’s woven, braided, hand knotted and hand tufted rugs to enhance the sleek smooth finishes of modern furnishings. Creating a contrast in textures, adds so much interest to a space.