Revitalizing Your Home With An Area Rug

February 28 2023 – Dedra Owen

Revitalizing Your Home With An Area Rug

Revitalizing Your Home With An Area Rug

 How can I spring new life into my home, you ask? 

Well, it is almost spring and spring is all about new life, rejuvenation, and freshness.  We all become inspired during this season to revitalize our homes, our lifestyles, and even our health & wellness. The very definition of revitalizing is, bringing newness or new life.


In this blog, we will give you inspiration for breathing new life into your home. 

Just introducing one new item can revive your living space. An area rug is basically 1/3 of your room not to mention it's your foundation! So changing or adding a rug will dramatically alter your room, especially if you introduce a new pattern or color.

We will show you several examples below of a living area without an area rug and then with rugs in various patterns and colors to see how it changes the look and feel of the space.  You can also click to shop the rugs in the examples!

With and without a braided rug 

This is a braided rug from the American Legacy collection in our beautiful pine forest color. This braided rug with is a combination of greens pulls all of the elements in this space and defines the area. 

 With and without a patterned rug


 A robust blend of tones emboldens our Avanti hand-tufted area rug with colorful character. Stylized mosaic patterning and traditional motifs herald its eclectic roots, crafted in 100% wool with hand-worked accents. This pattern works well in this room pulling colors from the accent pillows and lighting. 


  Another simple trick to awaken a room is to paint an accent wall or add a bold paper to the wall or accent with a wallpaper in a built-in. 


You can see the impact below with a painted accent wall and a patterned flat woven rug added to the living area.  


 The VALLA style in Fern is a wool, traditional rug design from Genevieve Gorder and Capel Rugs. Valla rugs have a flat woven construction. We elected to show you this rug in this room because of the scale and boldness of the pattern and how it compliments the palm wallpaper that has been applied to the built-in. The bold rich green further defines the seating area and grounds the room giving a finished look. You can further see in these two images that the room looks incomplete without the use of an area rug.  



The use of color is another way to liven your space!

So, let's talk about GREEN this month! 

Our brains associate feelings with color and cheerful colors can even elevate our mood. There is a reason we chose to use the color Green in this blog and for our website landing page this month.  Green makes us feel optimistic and refreshed. 

This color symbolizes health, new beginnings, and wealth. Green is easy on the eyes and should be used to relax and create balance in a design. Green is calming and gives us a sense of nature and our natural surroundings. 

Check out our green rug collection we have many options in tones, styles, and constructions for this most refreshing color. We offer the best quality in Braided, Hand Knotted, Hand Tufted, Woven, Machine, Loomed, and indoor/outdoor.  You will find a variety of materials as well in the green color family, from PET yarns to 100% wool. 


Lastly in this blog, we would like to discuss the importance of your living spaces. Your home should be a place of peace and calm, surround yourself with colors and objects that bring you joy and help you unwind!

Even hallways and entryways can be transformed with artwork and runners! Bring life into these spaces so you are excited to enter them, and create an eye-pleasing flow throughout your entire home!


Look at the below photos and see the transformation in progress.



The Avanti Kazak hand-tufted rug in slate terra brings pops of color and a beautiful pattern that awakens the white paint in these areas. Excitement has been created in the otherwise empty hallway, it now beckons you to enter and possibly even linger in this space!  


We hope we have inspired you to revitalize your home with a new area rug this season! Thank you for reading be sure to click all of the links and shop the website for more rug inspiration! 

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