Made in America

July 01 2023 – Dedra Owen

Made in America

Made in America

We are proud of our heritage and honored to carry it on today. 

After more than 100 years of making rugs we have gotten really good at it! Today Capel has over 5,000 braided rug style, colors, and size combinations! We are the largest braided rug manufacturer in the US and the trusted supplier to many leading retailers.

We aren't only manufacturing braids here in the US we are also producing flat-woven, machine-made, and custom fabric-bordered area rugs. 

Read on to see each of these constructions and click to shop the collections! 

Flat Woven 

Let's first talk about flat woven rugs. These are also made right here in Troy, North Carolina to be even more specific right below my office! (I love hearing the machines when they are running!) 

We offer several types of yarns in our woven products along with indoor-outdoor options too. 

Machine Made

 Bosphorus is our made-in-America machine-made collection. Flowing thru the city of Istanbul, connecting the European Continent to Asia, the Bosphorus Strait is the crossroads of trade. Where civilizations collide. Traditional rug designs such as Heriz, Ispahan, Keshan, and Bahktiar made their way into the European Continent. Machine woven of 100% Polyester, these rugs are s durable as they are soft to the touch.

Custom Fabric Bordered rugs

If you can dream it, we can build it. Designed for indoor and outdoor enjoyment, our Creative Concepts collection gives you the power to choose shapes, sizes, bases, and over 47 fabrics for a one-of-a-kind rug that is completely and uniquely yours. Creative Concepts rugs are fade and stain-resistant, so they'll last for years to come. We have also added a rendering tool to the website so you can see the borders on the bases as you build your own rug! 
And last but not least.....


Braids, our signature product category, represent the heart of what Capel does: unite quality materials with beautiful, hand-crafted designs. Practical yet indulgent, artisanal yet affordable.

Capel Braids continue to be a favorite for families over 100 years after their debut.

Made in North Carolina since our company’s start in 1917, these 100% reversible rugs are recognized around the world for their quality and craftsmanship. Since our first braided rug, a single style in a handful of colors, we’ve grown and the world has changed a lot, yet generation after generation find their way to Capel. People will always be in search of something comfortable and real. They will always find it at Capel Rugs.


In March 1915,  A. Leon Capel, Sr. was 15 years old, he started a new business manufacturing plowlines. The mules and horses of the day recognized a four-word vocabulary. "Whoa" meant 'stop'; "Git up" meant 'go'; "Gee" - 'turn left'; and "Haw" -' turn right'. Leon used half of their vocabulary when he named his company Gee-Haw Plowlines.

Two years later in 1917, while in Atlanta selling his plowlines, he noticed in the paper that Henry Ford had developed a mechanical mule - the tractor. Mr. Capel foresaw the end of his plowline business.
Mr. Capel had an idea. Rather than twisting yarn into rope, he braided the yarn, dyed it, and then sewed it in ever-widening ovals or circles to make the world's first continuous yarn braided rug. Leon named these rugs New Departure, they were an immediate hit.
We have placed all of our Made in America rugs in a collection
for easy shopping. 
Click the image below to shop!
When you buy from our American-made company you can expect the following:

HIGH QUALITY and DURABLE. Capel rugs are made with the highest quality materials, so you know they’ll last. You won’t have to replace your Capel rug anytime soon, if ever.

BEAUTIFUL PALETTES. Capel rugs come in a large variety of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find one that fits your style.

AUTHENTIC. Capel rugs are made in the same traditional way they’ve been made for centuries. You can be confident you’re getting a true piece of history.

CUSTOM DESIGNS. If you can’t find the perfect Capel rug to fit your space, you can have one custom-made. This way, you’ll get exactly what you want.



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